Xbox live update keeps updating

You know you have a stuck Xbox One game install pretty quickly.

The company issued Eurogamer a statement contradicting its earlier claim that the site could be used to manually update an Xbox One's firmware.

Derivative applications such as Media Portal and Plex have been spun off from XBMC or Kodi, as well as Just enough operating systems like Open ELEC and Libre ELEC.

Kodi has attracted negative attention due to the availability of third-party plug-ins for the software that facilitate unauthorized access to copyrighted media content, as well as "fully loaded" digital media players that are pre-loaded with such add-ons; the XBMC Foundation has not endorsed any of these uses, and has taken steps to disassociate the Kodi project from these illegal products, including threatening legal action against those using its trademarks to promote them.

-Fixed an issue where users could swap save games to use a DLC only Jason in game.

-Fixed an issue where sometimes matchmaking wouldn’t find open lobbies. -Switched to new memory allocator that increases performance and frame rate. Should decrease amount of time it takes to match make. -Increased effectiveness of Jason and Counselor spawn preference options.


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