Walmart policy on dating coworkers

Would you believe that Walmart gave me a week off (without pay of course) and they didn't hold it against me when I returned. One of the disabled ladies that worked as a door greeter lost her house of thirty years, just a year short of paying off her mortgage, because her hours were cut and she couldn't even eat.You see, Walmart cares about their associates and their families more than any other company that I know." (His letter is published in full at the bottom of this post, along with an image of Wal-Mart's request on its internal website.)But far more common were stories like these, all of which we received in the past few days:"The Walmart Employee website is encouraging us to refute your stories, asking us to do their PR for them and tell the stories of "the Real Walmart". Our manager said she wanted to apologize for the cut hours and she didn't want anyone going without food or necessities, so to let her know if there were problems.I was just wondering how long Wal Mart was going to allow Scott Persilver- a support manager at our Marksville Walmart to continue to have his affair with an hourly employee before doing something about it.I used to work at wm, myself and know it is or was a policy that no such dating or relationships were going to be tolerated.For example, the subordinate may receive longer breaks, be given preferred shifts or receive unfairly favorable reviews. 2000e, which enables employees to base claims of sexual harassment on, first, a "quid pro quo" argument where an employer conditions benefits, promotions or even employment itself on the receipt of sexual favors, or, second, an argument that sexual harassment has produced a hostile work environment.

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But I ended up getting both, one five years after the other.A new report from the workers advocacy group A Better Balance alleges that Walmart consistently punishes employees for taking sick days, even if they have proper documentation from doctors.From a report: A Better Balance interviewed and surveyed more than 1,000 Walmart workers about the company's absence control program -- which awards disciplinary "points" for absences regardless of reason -- and found the retail giant to be in violation of multiple laws.I know of this mexican looking scum bag and his family, yes family consisting of a wife and 3 kids.I know for sure this has been going on for right at 1 yr.why should we as a community continue to support this place when it is allowing this to go on.


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