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Students of Suffolk Stables also get the opportunity to take part in events such as movie and game nights, local shows, day trips to horse exhibitions, sleep overs and family day with a BBQ and parent rides. Speed Raceway’s eco-friendly race karts have more torque than traditional gasoline karts.

This combined with being only two inches off the ground on our challenging F-1 style racetracks and you will get an adrenaline filled racing experience that you will not forget!

Although in the late 1990s, the city announced investments of 0 million for modern buildings, classes for universal preschool, smaller classroom sizes, and broader access to computers and the Internet; by 2005 these initiatives had yet to materialize.

The school district has suffered as a result with six buildings that are over a century old and 14 others at more than 50 years old.

Manufacturing and trade, long mainstays in the Bridgeport economy, are being increasingly supplemented by the service-producing industries, particularly personal, business, and health services, as Bridgeport seeks to diversify.

The defense industry, for many years a vital part of the city's economy, was hard hit by layoffs in the early 1990s.

Bridgeport, in the southwest portion of Connecticut, sprawls for two and one-half miles along Long Island Sound at the mouth of the Pequonnock River.

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Gang violence prevented the completion of the renovations and families have been forced to settle in shipping containers intended for temporary use.More than twenty years since the end of apartheid, Manenberg has not seen the fruits of democracy.The community is largely recognized in South African media for its social problems, which include unemployment, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, crime, and above all, relentless gang violence.Suffolk Stables, located in beautiful Burlington County, offers a wide variety of services for all ages and levels of riders, a great place to begin to ride!They're one of the only stables in Burlington County to offer horseback riding lessons for 3 year olds and upwards and one of the only stables in all of New Jersey to offer beach rides to their students!If you think you’re really fast, then join one of our adult racing leagues. Elite Climbing is the premier indoor rock gym in South Jersey featuring dedicated bouldering and top roping walls equipped for beginners and experts alike.


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