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You know what I always say, I’ll take a kickass sci-fi and creature flick any day of the week, and it looks like BLOOD MOON is a promising entree into the werewolf sub-genre!!BLOOD MOON is directed by Barrington De La Roche, Raffaello Degruttola, Shaun Dooley, Jack Fox, Dave Fulton, and Corey Johnson.Monsoon is a Bollywood film Produced by Mahendra Dhariwal & Jitender Gulati and Directed by Suzad Iqbal Khan.The film stars Srishti Sharma, Sudhanshu, Shawar Ali, Vijay Singh and Raja Gulati. The story of this film is loosely based on an Italian romantic drama film Malèna. Hoping to kick-start her career, Wendy has left work with the local theatre to take a job as an assistant to Priscilla Hall, the most prestigious designer in the city. Hall works Wendy around the clock, which is how Wendy finds herself trapped in an elevator late one night with an incredibly handsome stranger.

As their worlds collide and the weary travelers attempt to escape, it becomes apparent that a bigger menace lurks outside on the plains; An otherworldly beast that only appears on the night of a blood red moon.This, of course, introduces us to Josh (Michael Worth, who also wrote and directed the film), an artsy, aimless guy with a mane of hair to rival Tim Riggins.Josh is still in love with Celina, and can’t help but think that this is his way to win her back.BLOOD MOON is only the third Western to be filmed in the UK, the first two being CARRY ON COWBOY in 1966 and Edgar Wright’s A FISTFUL OF FINGERS in 1995.This entry was posted in News, Upcoming Films and tagged Alan Wightman, Barrington De La Roche, Blood Moon, Corey Johnson, Dave Fulton, George Blagden, Jack Fox, Jeremy Wooding, Raffaello Degruttola, Shaun Dooley, Tom Cotcher, Uncork’d Entertainment..But events take an unexpected turn when the group fall prey to a mythical creature known to locals as a skin walker.


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