Rules for dating my mother

I expect you both to contribute to your relationship.

It's most important to me that the commerce between you be LOVE.

I never thought I would have to sit down and come up with a list of rules, but here you go.

Before I start, there are a few things you ought to know.

So when I saw a post entitled "Rules for Dating My Son", I felt compelled to respond with the sort of message I do want to pass on.

(And yeah, I feel like all or most of this could apply to any child.) 1.

All of that comes crashing down, however, when Danny’s mother announces she’s ready to start dating again.

As Danny navigates dick pics and flakes of Grindr, his mother spends hours on the phone with potential suitors. Courtesy of Frameline/Mike Roma Roma first caught our eye with his hilarious and sensitive web series, “Danny the Manny,” about a gay nanny who discovers his young charge likes to cross dress.

I do believe that there are good kids out there- at least when we were kids there were. I’d like to think there are still good guys out there who appreciate my daughter(s) for more than their body parts and what can be done with them.

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She was in my fifth-grade choir class and had wavy, jet-black hair and these little dimples that made my heart flutter every time she smiled. I did, and 16 years later, I'm still not sure if my mom was trolling me or if she genuinely thought the girl would like the pen.

Overcome with young love, I asked my mom what I should do to win her over on Valentine's Day. (She didn't, and she kissed my best friend, Jacob, that day.) That awkward encounter served as the catalyst for my booming dating life, which has consisted of one serious relationship that lasted four months.


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