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While too many cooks can spoil things we would always suggest seeking legal advice, but if you want to add/remove a partner’s name to the ownership for example, you could complete the AP1 yourself and lodge it with any other required forms.

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We will be covering boundaries and the filed plan, what to look for in a lease, what to consider when owning a property jointly and what terms like freehold and leasehold actually mean, together with many more topics surrounding official copies and land registration.

We will be updating the conveyancing information page with new articles regularly so if you can’t find what you need just now why not bookmark us and pay us a visit later?

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Land Registry offers new content periodically: it has recently posted 10 news items that might reach about 309K visitors per month.

About 18% of land in England and Wales is unregistered, and not even the government knows who owns it.FUNCTIONS • Register all transactions relating to land in declared districts as enshrined in the provisions of the Land Title Registration Law, 1986, PNDCL.152.• • Develop, keep and provide readily accurate information on interests in land to the public. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR: • • The registration of titles and interests in land in declared districts.The conveyancing information we provide is completely free whether you place an order with us or not.This section also covers some of the more common conveyancing and property related issues that might arise such as disputes with neighbours, claiming ownership of land and establishing the position of the boundary.If you find that the new ownership has not been reflected on a Property Assessment Notice or other communication, MPAC may not be aware of the change affecting your property.


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