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Keep in mind that the Libertarian Party is mostly populated by very single unattractive white males, so how this will work has me stumped.

Can one of you guys please get me this Yulia Tymoshenko doll for my birthday? The Coilhouse obsession with Tymoshenko (and, more recently, her tribe of Amazonian defenders) dates back to 2007.While I’m neutral on Tymoshenko as a politician, I’m a staunch supporter of her hair and its commitment to solving the gas crisis.Today is Tymoshenko’s birthday, so here’s wishing our Ukranian Dune Priestess the very best on her special day.and reports on the failure of the Russian probe Fobos-Grunt.Stephen makes Jon Stewart the new head of his Super Pac, which is renamed "The definitely not coordinating with Stephen Colbert Super PAC", announces that he is forming an exploratory committee to run for President of the "United States of South Carolina" and talks to Mike D about a crossword clue provided by Will Shortz.In short, Objectivism is an ideology that poses selfishness as a virtue.


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